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The word #PITOCIN does not bring any positive associations to woman as they often remember painful contractions caused by pitocin labor induction

This is a synthetic version of #OXYTOCIN , the hormone that our bodies naturally produce to induce contractions, as well as serving as the famous "love" hormone

  • So #OXYTOCIN means the ecstasy of two people loving each other
  • As well as peace and safety that you feel when you are with a friend
  • It's also blissfulness and love waves when you experience the orgasmic birth
  • And the feeling of surprise and love when you first experience a skin to skin contact with a newborn baby
  • #OXYTOCIN is also a pleasure of breastfeeding and relaxation during loving touch and massage
  • And finally #OXYTOCIN is when you feel little drops of heaven while tasting your favorite, delicious coconut cookie from a home bakery and you know that you have just come up with a name of perinatal support offered by three befriended perinatal specialists


Agnieszka Ptak


Lecturer at the University School of Physical Education in Wrocław, Faculty of Physiotherapy, certified Vojta method therapist, the University of Lower Silesia graduate of occupational therapy, certified in Kinesiology Taping and Gynecological Osteopathy

Agnieszka Ptak Physiotherapist

Anna Sochańska


A midwife who conducts an individual practice and assists in home deliveries, a lactation educator, and a graduate of "Holistic perinatal care"

Anna Sochańska Midwife





Address: al. Armii Krajowej 6/1, Wrocław

Phone: (+48) 783 024 125

Email: kontakt-OPUŚĆ-TO-@oksytocyna.com

Facebook: OxytocinPerinatal Support